What He Said

My friend SteveAudio has a post over at Corrente today that is well worth reading and then some. He discusses the recent Worldwide Press Freedom report issued by Reporters Without Borders and a separate article from Amnesty International about bloggers being the target of government censorship worldwide. The money quote from Steve comes at the end:

I am ever more concerned that at the least McCarthyism, and at the worst outright censorship might be in the works. These people, the ruling right wing, are deadly serious.

I think its worse than just censorship in the works. This weekend we are just now learning that on the same day Bush killed habeus corpus he also managed to sign a bill giving him authorization to nationalize the National Guard over the objections of governors in case of emergencies. He also has the right to declare Martial Law on basically his whim.

We have Forrest Gump’d our way into some seriously dark times. I fear that if there is widespread election fraud from the GOP and subsequent demonstrations by disenfranchised voters like we saw in Florida that Bush will use this as an excuse to flex his new muscles and kill off the remnants of the Republic. It shouldn’t be long now before I find myself in a Halliburton built ICE Detention Center.


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  1. Hey, I just found this. Thanks for the link and the mention.

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