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Election Night Thread

Keep your eyes on this page at WISHTV for realtime results.



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Election Day Snafus

Looks like we have the first problems cropping up in Muncie. 75 precincts could not start voting until technicians worked with pollworkers to start the machines. More at WISH TV.

Closer to home, Sheila Smith showed up at her precinct on the south side of Indianapolis to vote like she has every election day for more than a decade, only to find that she was not registered to vote any longer. A mistake in the database assembled for the state by their contractopr Quest was behind the snafu, and a Certificate of Error was issued allowing her to vote after confirming that she did indeed have a valid registration.

This outsourcing most of the election duties to others thing is working out real well isn’t it?

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If it’s gonna be THAT kind of party

…then I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes. Atrios started it, Brad R of Sadly, No responds, Liberal Avenger dips a toe on the battlefield, Brad R whips out his weapon of mass distraction, Atrios concedes, I come late to the battle with my contribution to the celebration of peace:


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