Election Day Snafus

Looks like we have the first problems cropping up in Muncie. 75 precincts could not start voting until technicians worked with pollworkers to start the machines. More at WISH TV.

Closer to home, Sheila Smith showed up at her precinct on the south side of Indianapolis to vote like she has every election day for more than a decade, only to find that she was not registered to vote any longer. A mistake in the database assembled for the state by their contractopr Quest was behind the snafu, and a Certificate of Error was issued allowing her to vote after confirming that she did indeed have a valid registration.

This outsourcing most of the election duties to others thing is working out real well isn’t it?


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If it’s gonna be THAT kind of party

…then I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes. Atrios started it, Brad R of Sadly, No responds, Liberal Avenger dips a toe on the battlefield, Brad R whips out his weapon of mass distraction, Atrios concedes, I come late to the battle with my contribution to the celebration of peace:


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Underdogs With A Bite

The thought occurred to me last week as I was watching the pre election commercials on the local news for candidates that in our excitement to cover Federal and certain state and local races there are a lot of candidates out there running active campaigns struggling for any publicity that they can possibly find. I know this because I was once a candidate for lower office once myself and I couldn’t get any attention whatsoever from any media folks and this was in pre-blog times so there was no other outlet to tell voters about how great I would be as their representative. Continue reading

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What He Said

My friend SteveAudio has a post over at Corrente today that is well worth reading and then some. He discusses the recent Worldwide Press Freedom report issued by Reporters Without Borders and a separate article from Amnesty International about bloggers being the target of government censorship worldwide. The money quote from Steve comes at the end: Continue reading

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Donita’s Debut Podcast

I’ve been editing the column Donita Sparks does called The Spin I’m In on Firedoglake.com every Friday since it began in June and just yesterday we finally launched her first podcast. We had been planning to launch this for a while but just now got around to doing so.

It went very well, we had 68 plays according to our page on Odeo as of this writing. Not bad, not a huge number but still not bad for a podcast that no one knows about yet in great numbers. Maybe a little promotion will boost that number. I urge you to check it out regardless, she has an interesting set of tunes she picked this week.

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Friday Night Videos

So this second installment of Friday Night Videos I figured I would expand the post a little and give you more than one video to make this a worthwhile time spent on ye olde blog here. There is no real rhyme or reason to my tune selection so don’t read anything into that other than these are tunes I felt strong enough about to share with folks. All of these have the FiniFinito/DJ Joh Seal of Approval and are videos I think a person with a modicum of musical taste would enjoy. With that in mind, I give you the following 5 videos beneath the fold. Continue reading

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Students for a Free Tibet

I had an opportunity to have a conversation with my friend Matt Browner-Hamlin about the work he does as an organizer for Students for a Free Tibet, one of the leading organizations in the Tibet independence movement. Matt just got back recently from a trip to India where SFT held a training camp in Dharmsala, India. Use the Odeo Flash player below to listen to the interview.



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