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He’s Baaaaack!

<Dusting off cobwebs and settled dust off easy chair>


Well now, this place is a little bit in disrepair after being unused for 4 years, but the interwebtubes have a habit of holding onto things FOREVER so I decided maybe its time to scratch the old writer’s itch and reactivate this blog. The world has flipped upside down since I last wrote a Monticello blog post. We as a nation have lost our collective minds and are being abused by the 1% who control everything and the 30% who want to be 1% who manage all the businesses for them. Politics has exposed nasty fault lines in our society and with the economy flushed down the toilet and heading toward every bad conspiracy movie’s inevitable dark ending, I felt like a Jeffersonian voice should at least provide play by play for the destruction of our nation.

So kick back, relax and enjoy the new Monticello. I plan to cover local and national politics, the marijuana reform movement, Occupy America and more. Feel free to read the archives below, theyre ancient and dusty but might be fun reading for newer friends who never saw this blog before. If something catches your eye tell me about it in an email to


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If it’s gonna be THAT kind of party

…then I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes. Atrios started it, Brad R of Sadly, No responds, Liberal Avenger dips a toe on the battlefield, Brad R whips out his weapon of mass distraction, Atrios concedes, I come late to the battle with my contribution to the celebration of peace:


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Republican Induced Schizophrenia and Treatment Options

I have an online friend in the financial world named Ari who is a currency trader that sent me an article I’d like to share with people because it refers to one of the symptoms of a mental illness Ari and I refer to as Republican Induced Schizophrenia. In an article written by Robert Kiyosaki for Yahoo Finance, the Last Days of the Dollar is the subject of probably the best explanation for how our currency trading system operates as I have ever seen written. Continue reading

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