State of the Blog Address

Well its been a while since this blog was updated and this has bugged me for some time so I decided to do something about it by conducting a State of the Blog address. The State of the Blog is not too good. I feel like I’ve neglected a good opportunity to do some work here by myself for a change and find myself not able to focus on blogging for my own priorities. I’ve been otherwise engaged in some attention diverting projects and my health as a consequence has become compromised so once more I am finding myself scaling back my activities in January to refocus energy on healing and putting health issues behind me.

I am also saddened by the situation my brother Tom and his wife April are finding themselves in at this time. April is having surgery on Monday, January 22nd at which time she is having a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy due to her second bout of breast cancer. In an effort to help them I am asking everyone to keep April Padgett in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for her.

Also, please keep Jane Hamsher in your thoughts and prayers as well. The lioness of has been a wonderful friend and is herself entering her third bout with breast cancer as well. I hope that the thoughts and prayers of the Netroots community will carry her through this as well, and she will be prayed for right alongside my sister in law April and all the others in this world suffering from catastrophic illnesses.

As soon as I feel up to returning I will come back to this blog and begin anew the effort to use this space for productive purposes. For now I am taking a short hiatus to reorganize things and I look forward to a return in the near future.


Joh Padgett



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2 responses to “State of the Blog Address

  1. Healing vibes headed April’s way, Joh. Been many in the way of that dread disease recently: Jane, Molly, etc.

    My first g/f (I was 16; she 14. I’m 54 now) does an annual three-day walk against breast cancer (Seattle last summer; San Diego in ’08). Maybe April will get a kick out of her walking team’s name: The Titsy Chicks.

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