“…and margaritas on the portal at sunset, a must!”

I am up very late at night as is my usual custom, and sometimes, even in our hundreds of channels universe, there just isn’t anything to watch on TV that will guarantee a drowsy effect for me. This inevitably leads me to watch whatever catches my eye as I surf channels and tonight is no different, I settled in on a program called What You Get For The Money on HGTV.

These sort of shows are the second or third generation descendants of the old Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous show hosted by Robin Leech that I used to watch and laugh at growing up broke as a joke as I did. My friends and I in high school made a drinking game out of the show and would get seriously intoxicated in the process.

It’s the sort of television that is in my opinion the worst of the worst that TV can offer. It is cheaply produced documentary footage paired with preening homeowners willingly pimping their houses and lifestyles basically to fill airtime on low rated channel filler networks for billion dollar cable television systems. Soda pop television. This show is the store brand grape soda of television.

But as I sit here praying to the gods of somnambulance for a little relief, I decide to leave it here and watch the grape soda drip from my TV because hey, I can appreciate some poor schmoe had to lug the camera to Santa Fe, NM and he did a pretty damn good job of capturing the Southwestern blue skies and beautiful sunsets.

At the same time as I have this on in the background I am catching up on the low traffic blog reading I do this time of evening after I have scanned all the higher traffic sites in the blogroll. I find various articles on several sites tonight blasting Holy Joe Lieberman for the latest news that he may have been buying votes or paying “volunteers” or maybe paying mean kids to beat puppies or something and it dawns on me just how silly life is in America.

Then from the TV I hear “…and margaritas on the portal at sunset, a must!” coming from the mouth of some typical rich white guy who sold the insurance agency or the dry cleaning business in Houston 10 years ago and chucked it all for the New Mexican desert so the “artist” wife could live out their retirement near other “artists” from similar backgrounds. My head very nearly exploded. In the space of about two minutes I came to a moment of clarity and thus, this post is born.

Priorities. That is what is wrong with the world. We are losing our damn minds in this country because our priorities are not straight. And I don’t just mean Republican priorities, I am talking to my friends in the blogosphere, the Democratic Party, the entire Reality Based Community AND the wingnuts. Everybody seems to have lost sight of the madness gripping this nation.

There are many reasons for this, some of which I covered in my previous post about Republican Induced Schizophrenia. We are losing thousands of our human brothers and sisters every day due to our government’s action and inaction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Kosovo, you fill in the blank and what have you. We as taxpaying denizens of the greatest debtor nation in the world are responsible for this.

Lieberman bought votes in the primary? WHO CARES! His votes for and continued support of the activities of this government are reason alone to throw his ass out of the Senate. Lamont is down in the polls because he is listening to consultants who are best known for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. All he has to do to win is remind voters of their responsibility for endorsing torture, death, dismemberment, wounded vets with no health care, military families on welfare, the death of habeus corpus and the march toward fascism that Loserman thinks is just fine.

Just like the guy from the TV show who sums up the meaning of his life revolving around margaritas on the portal at sunset, Lieberman and his fellow Republicans seem to have no clue whatsoever about what it means to have priorities with a true purpose and meaning. If life really was all about margaritas with friends there would be none of the sort of crap that happens in our names daily. We all have our priorities focused on achieving that blissfully ignorant state of comfort that people like Margarita Man and Holy Joe Loserman inhabit.

It’s time to use the electoral system to wake these blissful idiots up and shake them from their comfortable perches from whence they continue to shit on our noses, insisting the whole time there is no stink to their shit and that everythign is fine from where they sit so we should thank them for their leadership and shut up about it.

Each and everyone of us inhabits a similar comfort zone. We allow our lives to be just as meaningless and superficial by claiming we are so busy that we can’t work those phone banks for the Democrat candidate that will end the war in Iraq. We are just as complacent as Margarita Man when we allow our children’s activities to rule our lives and use running Johnny and Susie to activity after activity as an excuse instead of volunteering to pass out literature or knock on your neighbor’s doors to talk to them about getting our national priorities straight.

You can make time to do whatever demands your children have on one second’s notice, but you can’t set aside an hour to help change your world for those same kids by telling Susie she has to miss a tumbling class so that Mommy can help protect the American democracy that won’t exist when Susie is living in the police state of our future when she is 25. If you ask me, Susie will understand better when she gets older.

Get your priorities straight people, beating the Republicans is a no fucking brainer. Just go do it, stop whining, stop bitching. Play hardball.


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