What If?

I read a lot of blogs and have been seeing a triumphant strain of blogging taking place lately that has not been seen…well, ever. Blogs came into their own as an overwhelmingly Democratic-leaning medium during the darkest days for the party in ages in 2002-2005. Blogs have always been around in one form or another since the web was unveiled, but its really been in the last 8 years that the medium really took off. With the Bushies in charge for the last 6 years, this has had a profound effect on the psychology of the average resident of Left Blogtopia.

As a result, we have all been blogging from a perspective that is influenced by the fact the Dems have been out of power for 3 national elections in a row. Now that Dem candidates appear to be doing well in polling around the country a counting of chickens before they’ve hatched vibe has beenflowing through the toobz. I am as excited as the next Dem about our prospects for November 7th, but what about November 8th after the GOP has pulled a fast one or otherwise managed to snatch victory out of our teeth?

I am wary of the smirking Chimp and his buddy Karl’s “What? Me Worry?” schtick. I wouldn’t put it past these scumbags to outright steal the election and then dare us to do something about it. If we did have to engage in some sort of civil disobediance, how long would it take for Bush to order mass arrests of enemy combatants? WHat if demonstrations turn into riots? What if riots turn into mass killings or other violence? Are you able to comprehend the situation we are in with no habeus corpus?

These and other questions keep me awake at night. I am afraid of what might happen if something goes wrong. I want my Democratic brothers and sisters to win. I want them to serve. I want them to do their jobs. I also want them to fight for their seats if they have to.


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  1. Joh, as you know I just recently returned from India. While there a friend of mine who’s lived in Nepal told me about a particular billboard for a brand of scotch Nepali approximation of scotch. It read “Wild Horse: A Friend in Hard Times.*”

    If we lose, I’d say November 8th will be about finding a friend for our hard times. The level of depression and angst online is likely to cause the internet to self-combust.

    But as you note, if there’s even a whiff of fraud, people will go to the streets. I have no faith in the Bush administration upholding the rule of law under those circumstances and I shudder to think what the ramifications might be.

    *Might not be the actual name of the whiskey.

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