Friday Night Videos: Brazilian Girls – Jique

I spent a large chunk of the 80s going out with friends on Friday night to football games or parties or what have you, then coming home late to find the late night video programs Night Flight on USA and Friday Night Videos on NBC. There were other programs like that out there too, like Night Tracks on TBS and of course MTV was where the whole thing got started, but the era I remember most was when MTV first started getting away from playing videos and these shows picked up the slack.

I heard The Cure for the first time on Night Flight, and a lot of other bands MTV couldn’t be bothered to play in regular rotation could be found on these shows, mostly BECAUSE MTV wouldn’t play them. No matter, it always had an impact the following morning when the allowance was dispensed or the money socked away in the drawer from raking leaves or mowing lawns got pulled out for the trip to World Record Shop.

World Records was the ONLY place in Indianapolis when I was growing up where you could even find alternative or punk music in the 80s. And of course, me being the adventurous soul that I am, I had the taste in music all my friends couldn’t stand publicly. They would later, away from everyone else, ask me to copy that new Siouxsie and the Banshees I got for them when I got a chance.

So I am going to resurrect the Friday Night Music Video tradition right here on Monticello. I will each week select a few different videos from around the Internets that are maybe new, maybe old, but will always be of a high caliber quality as chosen by yours truly. I feel you can get to know a person rather well by finding out how they get their groove on, so this is how I communicate.

This first song is from a band that is starting to get some attention, the NYC based quartet Brazilian Girls doing their song Jique live in NYC. I caught them on Letterman a few weeks ago and cannot get this song out of my head. Click the image below and it will play in your Windows Media Player.



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