Morning News Roundup

Laura Rozen at War and Piece has several items posted in the last 48 hours covering the expanding probe of Rep. Curt Weldon and his family. Looks like this is ratcheting up quickly to become yet another scandal headache for Republicans.

Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest has a great rhetorical question. Suppose the Dems Win A Majority in the House? asks the question that’s been on my mind recently as we see the Republican implosion unfold.  Digby has some thoughts on the subject as well, Dave points out in his post.

Howie Klein is his usual brilliant self with a great piece about the situation in Ohio. The news that Democrat Sherrod Brown is 12 points ahead of Mike DeWine, the troubled Republican Senator holding the seat currently has energized the Democratic base in OH which is now spreading into the polling for other races in OH. The GOP has pulled funding for DeWine and has left OH in the rear view mirror as it has ceded my neighbors to the east to becoming a huge blue mark on the map.

Joshua Micah Marshall has an excellent point about the effects of being out of power for years and the attendant psychological baggage that goes with it for Democrats. Maybe in our vigilance against Rovian dirty tricks we have developed a hypersensitive nature, but I still feel like Bush’s Brain still has a October Surprise waiting for us. Or maybe its a November Surprise?


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