Morning News Roundup

Over on CorrenteWire Chicago Dyke has a great post up about how “His Majesty Wipes His Ass with the Constitution” about the signing ceremony held yesterday at the White House in which (Vice) President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006. This odious legislation will be remembered as the moment when our nation lost its way.

The destruction of habeus corpus contained within this law reverses hundreds of years of English Common Law upon which our democracy was built and allows the Cheney Administration a free hand to round up anybody it decides on a whim is acting against the interests of the US Government, which if you listen to their rhetoric in recent months includes reporters, Democrats, antiwar activists and other well known terrorists and sympathizers RIGHT HERE AT HOME! (Gasp! Scream! Passes out)

The violence in Iraq continues unabated with 130 killed in sectarian violence yesterday alone as reported by Professor Juan Cole at his Informed Comment blog, the only man consistently telling truth about what is happening in the region. The numbers are routinely half ass reported, but the images flickering on the Katie Couric sunshiney CBS Evening News are not matching up, with Martha Stewart cooking segments finding more airtime than factual reporting of the violence in Iraq deemed more important to capturing the audience’s attention.

In a related story, Political Wire comments on a CNN poll which relates Support for Iraq War at All Time Low which is not good for the War Party’s chances on November 7th. The mood in the electorate is very dark towards the Cheney Administration right now and combined with the Foley scandal and other issues the public has turned on the GOP and are threatening a landslide for Democrats in the upcoming midterms elections. Go Dems go!

TPM Muckraker is reporting that PA Rep. Curt Weldon’s daughter had her home raided along with several other locations tied to Weldon in an ongoing FBI investigation into allegations stemming from allegations that he helped his daughter’s lobbying firm garner clients and used his influence to help those clients. Karen Weldon and her partner Charlie Sexton had their homes and offices raided as part of the investigation. Yet another corruption probe into a GOP Congressman putting to bed the theory that the Republicans are the party of law and order.

And finally my friends at Firedoglake are reporting the Kiss Float Rides Again in the CT Senate race, making an appearance at the debate held yesterday between Alan Schlessinger, the GOP nominee for the race, Ned Lamont, the hero of progressives everywhere who managed to wrest the nomination from the Democrats away from CT Sen. Joe “Loserman” Lieberman (CFL) who has remained in the race as a candidate of the Connecticut For Lieberman “party” of one. Lieberman was widely considered the loser in yesterday’s debate with Schlessinger and Lamont scoring several points at Loserman’s expense. At one point, the audience in attendance actually booed at Holy Joe’s whining about being attacked by his opponents. Good stuff, great times.

That’s it for this morning’s news roundup, I will be back this afternoon for another roundup. I will also be interviewing IL 14th Congressional District Democrat nominee John Laesch for a podcast interview which I will post later today for my first podcast from this new blog. Have a great day.


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