IL-14 John Laesch Interview

I had a chance to speak with Democrat John Laesch who is running for the Congressional seat currently held by Speaker of the House and Foleygate star Dennis Hastert, R-Pedophiliacs. John is a fantastic candidate, a former Navy Intelligence officer who served in the Middle East who knows a thing or two about the Iraqis and Iranians. He also is a very compassionate guy with great ideas for the home front and he took time to share some of his thoughts with me this afternoon via phone. Here is my first podcast for the Monticello blog, a conversation with John Laesch, future Congressman from Yorkville, IL.



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  1. Joan Lemme

    Since I knew nothing of John Laesch, this and his web site are helpful. I have sent it to others who had the same lack of knowledge that I did.

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