A Blog Is Born

1804 Engraving of Jefferson by Charles Fevret de Saint-Mémin
(Jefferson’s age at time of sitting: 61).
Image credit: Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Thomas Jefferson has always been my hero. Even when I was a little child, I was fascinated with all things Jefferson. I am not entirely certain why I latched onto TJ for hero worship purposes, but he has always maintained the number one position on that particular roster. As I grew older and learned more about the Founding Father that wrote the Constitution, that was Ambassador to France and our third President, I realized that he was a man of principle and that was what I wanted to be as well.

Principles are in my opinion the most important possession that a human being can have. Principles are the foundation on which you build your life. If you have no principles to uphold you cannot put together the moral framework by which you conduct your affairs in life. With no moral framework, you then become capable of doing great damage to yourself, your friends, family and society at large. If you have no morals, and no principles, your soul can become irrevocably corrupted and cause great harm to befall you.

What is wrong with politics in America today is due to a lack of respect for the principles that our Founding Fathers instilled in a document which was written by Thomas Jefferson. The Constitution of the United States of America is the document that serves as the guiding principles of our democracy that governs the laws which serve as the moral framework of our nation. When those laws are broken or ignored by the politicians that serve as our representatives and elected officials, the corruption of our nation’s soul causes great harm to the people of the greatest nation on Earth.

This blog will be home to those of us of the Jeffersonian persuasion. We are democrats, we are libertarians, we are even republicans, both of the capitalized and non capitalized varieties. First and foremost however, we are men and women of principle. Our ideals are timeless, our philosophy is sound and our mission in life is very simple. Protect the principles of liberty and justice for all, the liberal democracy that has been built upon these principles and defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves.

For Jeffersonians everywhere, this blog is your home. I dedicate this blog to the memory of the woman who first taught me about Thomas Jefferson, my recently deceased mother Phyllis Ann Padgett. I also dedicate this blog to those ardent defenders of our national principles who have lost their lives defending their nation from oppression and tyranny whether it is on the battlefield or in the prison cell.


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